Berti’s parquet featuring at Diesel Blak Gold Store in Zurich

Thanks to the parquet we have done metres and kilometres. We had the chance to meet different personalities and brands. Berti Wooden Floors has always a watchful eye for fashion: it’s been a few years since our collaboration with Diesel, one of the most famous italian brand, has started.

Berti parquet pavimenti Store Diesel negozio zurigo_4Berti parquet pavimenti Store Diesel negozio zurigo_5

We like to share some pictures taken during the inauguration day at Diesel Black Gold store in Zurich, on 28th February. Diesel Black Gold is Diesel’s clothing brand more fashionable and chic, participating at Milan and New York fashion weeks.

The store fully expresses Diesel’s mood, that has chosen Berti’s wood flooring thanks to our capability to make innovations and to offer custom made products. The store has a look played on contrasts. We can see two different kind of parquet melting and matching together: BertiStudio Vintage Rovere Vissuto and BertiStudio Vintage Rovere Noce. The colour mixing enhance the wooden boards thanks to the combination of tones and contrasts. This two different finishing define different areas within the store so that Diesel zone has Rovere Noce wooden floor, recalling the atmosphere of a cozy living room. Instead Diesel Black Gold area is floored with Rovere Vissuto parquet, to spread a minimal mood more consistent with the chic attitude of the mail line collection.

Berti parquet pavimenti Store Diesel negozio zurigo_2Berti parquet pavimenti Store Diesel negozio zurigo_3

The store entrance have been thought out down to the smallest detail: Berti has realized the iconic Diesel mohican, as a wooden inlay that play a clear role to state the brand identity. The wooden laser inlay has been tailor-made for Diesel with a combination of Walnut stained Oak and Wenge stained Oak.

Berti parquet pavimenti Store Diesel negozio zurigo_1

Diesel chooses a contrasts mixture, both for materials and for combinations. This is the reason why we can found different elements blending together. Flooring and furniture that suggest a modern impression are placed side by side with classical and vintage objects. The overall result is harmonious and faithful to the brand philosophy, presenting the elements that have made Diesel the most jeans brand in the world.

Here you can find the photo gallery with all the pictures of the inauguration day, to see all the guests of the event.





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