Feedback Processi Logici announces availability of SaaS versions of its products

Leading European software solutions company for Tender and Event Management for Life Sciences and Healthcare markets, Feedback Processi Logici srl (FBK) are proud to announce the availability of their Bid&Tender and Event&Congress management suits in cloud architecture (SaaS) both in “public” and “private” cloud environments.

The new SaaS versions of the Feedback Suites supplied through Amazon AWS services (pioneer and indisputable world leader of “IaaS” services,, provides a secure, cloud-based alternative to an on-premises installation. Available via a monthly subscription model, the SaaS solution allows clients to quickly implement and benefit from the capabilities of the “Feedback Contract Manager” and “Feedback Meeting Manager” suite, while reducing upfront capital investments and ongoing support costs. Additional benefits of the cloud-based ECM solution include convenient mobile access to critical documents and processes, enhanced collaboration with partners, and improved availability of content across multi-site organizations.

Further, focus can be put on core business functions and be assured that Business productivity software is always up to date, remotely managed and secured in a scalable and cost-effective manner.

This version of FBK Solutions offers all of FBK suite’s features, but enables an immediate “plug-and-play” installation. | SaaS : less cost more benefit


Easier to deploy

The application used through SaaS does not require installation on user machines and may be run on a wide variety of devices. Our SaaS platform is compatible with BYOD practices.


More Scalable

The SaaS application can be easily scaled up or down to meet demand. There is no need to worry about additional computing infrastructure to scale up.


More Secure

The application data does not leave the secured centralized infrastructure. Users loosing hardware is no longer a security concern.


Lower Outlay

The pay-as-you-go pricing model of SaaS makes it more affordable to all businesses when compared to traditional projects.


Reduces Costs

Local IT resources are not required to manage installations, system provision and maintenance/backup activities or become experts on the software platform.

Feedback Processi Logici (Feedback) is one of the leading European providers of Tender Management and Event Management software solutions to Manufacturers, Suppliers, Vendors and Resellers within the Life Sciences and Health Care industries. With Head Offices in Milan Italy, Feedback has built extensive expertise from 1996 in providing and integrating Enterprise level software, having partnered with many of the largest multinational Healthcare companies present on today’s market with installations in the principal European countries. The company has been certified ISO 9001:2008 by Det Norske Veritas since 2008. In 2010 Feedback began a partnership with Model N (NYSE:MODN), providing Tender Management in their End-to-End Revenue Management system.

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